España/Portugal, Impressions

For many years the countries of Spain and Portugal had a special attraction for me. All together i spend more than half a year on the coastlines of the mediterranean and atlantic ocean, mostly alone in a van in winter times. I went through a hard time questioning myself and searching for purpose. This is a short impression of my photographic and mental journey.

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Benidorm Paraiso

Benidorm, Photobook

The book is trying to catch the unique atmosphere of the city of Benidorm, at the Costa Blanca in Spain. I came to Benidorm the second time in May 2018 spending a week in the city taking photos.The book includes 47 images showing the way retired people are spending their time at the beach....

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I know we are lost

Munich, Photobook

In my Photobook i took a closer look on consumption and other stuff

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Tristan v. Seherr-Thoss   
Munich, Germany